Tomas Kauneckas

Fashion & commercial photographer

Tomas Kauneckas born in Lithuania.

For the last decade Tomas has been a top fashion photographer in the region. His elegant images always have a strong visual style, energy, sophistication. T. Kauneckas' works are nominated in glamour category in main Lithuanian photography contests each year. His technical and communication skills have enabled to be recognized as one of elite photographers. He created an official portrait of President of the Republic of Lithuania in 2009.

In 2004 T. Kauneckas has co-opened Cyclopes photo-production house, offering full range of services necessary for professional shooting. At the moment, Cyclopes is the biggest production house of commercial photography in Baltic States, serving visual needs of advertising agencies, various manufacturers, also the most popular Lithuanian fashion and business magazines. Tomas' clients list include MTV, UNICEF, Carlsberg, Estrella, Nescafe and many local brands.

Lately Tomas has found inspiration in ecology. Personal projects like Year 2039, Don't Play With Water and Requiem For Plastic were created.

Personal exhibitions were displayed in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and other countries.

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